TWO VISIONARY FIGURES FORM THE PULSATING HEART OF CODECLOTHING. Their encounter traces back to their school days in the vibrant neighborhoods of Marseille when they were just 9 years old. This bond of friendship has grown stronger over time. During their college years, they began to conceive the audacious dream of creating something significant together, foreshadowing their ambition and unwavering determination.

YANN BUCO, born at Clinique Beauregard in the 4th arrondissement of Marseille, is a self-taught individual at heart. Possessing a keen business sense from a young age, he wholeheartedly immersed himself in the festive world of Marseille, diving into festivals and late-night events. His humanistic approach and ability to connect with people have played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of CODECLOTHING.

On the other hand, CYRIL CAIAZZO, born at Clinique de la Belle-de-Mai in the tucked-away 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, was captivated by the enchanting realm of digital early on. Endowed with an innate talent for design, photography, and web development, he not only influenced but boldly and finely sculpted the brand's aesthetics and digital dimension, bestowing CODECLOTHING with a distinctive and avant-garde visual identity.

Their mutual aspiration to work on their own terms, free from the influence of superiors, is foundational to their approach. They have always harbored the aspiration to chart their own course, to be masters of their destiny. This doesn't imply working any less but rather wholeheartedly investing their hearts and souls into the constant growth and relentless improvement of CODECLOTHING.

Their collaboration forms the very essence of CODECLOTHING. Two spirits driven by profound humanism, each shining brightly within their respective domains, yet always in perfect harmony. Devotees of minimalism, they ensure that at every step, their creations resonate with their shared vision. Every decision, every design stems from their mutual accord, making their partnership the true driving force behind the brand.

CODECLOTHING represents a vision, a movement where each piece reflects passion, commitment, and perseverance. YANN and CYRIL invite everyone to immerse themselves in a realm where luxury intersects with authenticity and humanity.

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